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Prostatic Hyperplasia: Everything you need to know

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in short BPH refers to the condition in which the prostate becomes large. However, it’s a common condition among men. But it may lead to dreadful outcomes if you don’t pay attention to it before time. There’s no way to avoid BPH completely, but early measures can create a barrier for this condition. Similarly, a man can enjoy the rest of his life without any major issues.

What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Enlarged Prostate?

  Among 50% of the men, the problem of Enlarged Prostate knocks on the doors of their life once they cross the age of 60. But when they reach the age of 85-90, they have no other option than to accept it. Surprisingly, 90% of the men near or above the age of 85 have…

UNANI TREATMENT | prostate gland enlargement treatment


Unani Treatment For Prostate Enlargement Prostate enlargement is the most common age-related problem in men. Modern systems of treatment have described many causes and remedies of this disease. Unani system too has a description of the disease and the treatment. The description is in different ways. At some places, it has been described in symptomatic…

PROSMAN | Symptoms | prostate gland treatment


Prostate Enlargement Treatment Prostate gland enlargement has become a very common disease in aged men. This disease majorly decreases the quality of life due to urination problems. Enlargement of prostate gland results in thinning of the urethra which is a tube that carries urine out from body. Due to this, which various prostate enlargement treatment…